Guild Schedule

Schedule valid for: 12/1/2017-12/7/2017

Theatre Film Title Guilds Accepted Valid Time  
Royal 1945      
Royal Canaletto and the Art of Venice      
Royal Coriolanus      
Royal Culture Vulture      
Royal Culture Vulture      
Royal Loveless      
Royal Loving Vincent      
Royal The Breadwinner      
Royal The Crime of Monsieur Lange      
Royal The Divine Order      
Music Hall 3 Dark Meridian      
Music Hall 3 Extraordinary Ordinary People      
Music Hall 3 Mary and the Witch's Flower      
Music Hall 3 Princess Cyd      
Music Hall 3 What Happened in Vegas      
Monica Film Center Elemental Choir Holiday Event      
Monica Film Center Jane      
Monica Film Center Lady Bird      
Monica Film Center Mudbound      
Monica Film Center Novitiate      
Monica Film Center The 6th Cinematic Arts Film Festival      
Monica Film Center The Florida Project      
Monica Film Center The New Radical      
Monica Film Center The Square      
Monica Film Center Thelma      
Monica Film Center Voyeur      
Town Center 5 1945      
Town Center 5 Canaletto and the Art of Venice      
Town Center 5 Coriolanus      
Town Center 5 Firangi      
Town Center 5 Lady Bird      
Town Center 5 Last Flag Flying      
Town Center 5 Mudbound      
Town Center 5 My Friend Dahmer      
Town Center 5 The Divine Order      
Town Center 5 The Square      
Town Center 5 Thelma      
Playhouse 7 1945      
Playhouse 7 Canaletto and the Art of Venice      
Playhouse 7 Coriolanus      
Playhouse 7 Drawing Home      
Playhouse 7 Jane      
Playhouse 7 Lady Bird      
Playhouse 7 Last Flag Flying      
Playhouse 7 Loving Vincent      
Playhouse 7 Mudbound      
Playhouse 7 My Friend Dahmer      
Playhouse 7 Small Town Crime      
Playhouse 7 The Florida Project      
Playhouse 7 Thelma      
Playhouse 7 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri      
Playhouse 7 Wait for Your Laugh      
NoHo 7 24 Hours to Live      
NoHo 7 Blue Velvet      
NoHo 7 Coco      
NoHo 7 Coco en Español      
NoHo 7 Connect Film Festival      
NoHo 7 Justice League      
NoHo 7 Lady Bird      
NoHo 7 Murder by Death      
NoHo 7 Murder on the Orient Express      
NoHo 7 Roman J. Israel, Esq.      
NoHo 7 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri      
Claremont 5 Canaletto and the Art of Venice      
Claremont 5 Coco      
Claremont 5 Coriolanus      
Claremont 5 Justice League      
Claremont 5 Lady Bird      
Claremont 5 Murder on the Orient Express      
Claremont 5 The Divine Order      
Claremont 5 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri      
Ahrya Fine Arts Love Beats Rhymes      
Ahrya Fine Arts Point Blank