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Marriage Story
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Pain and Glory
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Listen up Laemmle-ites!For a limited time, receive $1 off concessions for EACH ticket you buy on . We know, "unthinkable!" But we made it happen. Here's the scoop: • Good at all Laemmle locations EXCEPT the Fine Arts .• No menu restrictions - good for ANY concession item! "Even booze?" you ask. "Yes, indeed!" we reply.• Not valid for merchandise.• You can only use savings for ONE purchase, in-person, during the show you purchased tickets for.• You can't redeem it for cash. Meaning, there's no money back if the price of your order comes in below the value of your discount. (But hey, if that does happen, you'll get your entire order [...]

Laemmle Theatres and the Anniversary Classics Series present this month’s installment in our popular Anniversary Classics Abroad program: a landmark in the Italian neorealist movement and a special Academy Award winner in 1949, Vittorio De Sica’s THE BICYCLE THIEF .De Sica and screenwriter Cesare Zavattini, another of the key figures in this new wave of filmmaking, worked together several times over the course of their careers, on such films as Shoeshine, Umberto D, Miracle in Milan, Two Women, Boccaccio ’70, and the director’s final film, A Brief Vacation. One of the hallmarks of the neorealist movement was to shoot on the streets of postwar [...]

DON'T BE NICE Q&A's with producer Nikhil Melnechuk and guests following the 7:20 pm show.Friday: Composer Khari Mateen, EP Melina Brown, hosted by actress Meital DohanSaturday: Composer Khari Mateen, EP Melina Brown, hosted by filmmaker Jacques ThelemaqueSunday: hosted by Film Threat’s Chris GoreTuesday: hosted by actress Karla MosleyWednesday: hosted by festival director Theo DuMontThursday: hosted by filmmaker James Costa [...]

SISTER AIMEE Q&A's following the 7:40 pm show with Anna Margaret, Bettina Barrow, Michael Mosley and moderated by Lily Rabe on Friday, 9/27; with Marie Schlingmann, Samantha Buck, Anna Margaret, Michael Mosley, Amy Hargreaves and moderated by Danielle DiGiacomo on Saturday, 9/28 and with Marie Schlingmann, Samantha Buck, Bettina Barrow; moderator TBD. [...]

Laemmle Theatres and the Anniversary Classics Series present the latest offering in their monthly Abroad program with 25th anniversary screenings of the American release (and Oscar winner) of the delightful Spanish comedy BELLE EPOQUE . The Academy Award winner for foreign-language film will play at three Laemmle locations: West Los Angeles, Glendale, and Pasadena on September 18. Starring Penelope Cruz (Oscar winner for Vicky Christina Barcelona) in only her second film, the period pastorale is set in 1931 with the beginning of the disruptive Spanish Civil War, chronicling the amorous adventures of a young Army deserter, Fernando (Jorge Sanz), [...]