AFF - Tenacious Women


AFF - Tenacious Women


- She has been raised by overzealous parents who do everything in their power to keep her busy, hidden away and safe. She wants her freedom, but she is systematically ingrained by the rules they have created. Agnes Mohan; Kenneth Radley; Alex Campbell, writer/director. Adult language and themes. Australia

A PAIR OF HORNS ON A FEMALE HOMO SAPIEN - Ava, tries her best to live a normal life but she finally has to face the truth. Mahsa Akbarabadi; Saleh Kashefi, writer/director. Adult themes. Subtitles. Iran

DOG BITE - Sometimes dogs bite. This is what happened after. Jennifer Spence; Thomas Nicholson; Stephi Chin-Salvo; Nancy Kerr; Gemma Holdway, writer; Luvia Petersen, director. Adult themes. Canada

STUNTWOMAN - Introducing Tracey Howard, the uncompromising, stuntwoman and single mother of a teenaged girl. She will grapple with motherhood, working in an industry where the young and hungry wait in the wings to take her jobs and finding intimacy with what time she has left. But first she just needs to hold on to her purse. Damita Jane; Ryan Robertson;
Troy Faruk; Jason C. Louder; Stacie Davis, writer/director. USA

DIRTY MARTI - The daughter of Dirty Harry contends with her dad's fiery legacy. Kelly Reiter; Chamia Lane; Ricky Titus-Lane; Lee Chen; Jake Dieringer; Evan Copage; Tony Laudati, writer/director. Adult themes. USA

LADY HUNTERS - Incensed by the atrocious nature of a crime against a teenaged girl, and incarceration of only one of its perpetrators, three girlfriends on a moms' weekend retreat to the Adirondacks find themselves novice killers and arbiters of justice. Angela Atwood; Lara Buck; Marianne Hardart; Roy J Buck; Angela Atwood, writer/director. Adult language, situations, violence. USA

SONGBIRD - Shy singer Jennifer thinks her dreams are coming true when a music producer approaches her at an open mic night. But her hopes are dashed after an encounter with a mysterious old woman leaves Jennifer without a voice. Janet Devlin; Therese Collins; Oliver Park; Michelle Darkin Price; Tommy Draper, writer; Sophie Black, director. UK

THE BIG QUESTION - After receiving a note from Chris in science class, 6th grade Emma embarks on her quest to uncover the answer to one of life's most pressing questions . . . .tweet tweet, buzz buzz. Audrey Jones; Lily Grace Simone; Kassidy Claire; Skyla Woodard; Jilian Livengood; Brendan Stack; Audrey Jones, co-writer; Estes Tarver, co-writer/director. Adult themes. USA

- This explores life's rawness and the belief in the magic of the parent/child connection of pure love that defies life and even death itself. Alicia Coppola, Gil Bellows, Anthony Michael Jones, Elaine Hendrix, Rebecca Field, Mila Jones; Alicia Coppola, writer/director. Adult language.
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