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Playhouse 7

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[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Perhaps more so than ever before, this Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to refocus our perspective, and express gratitude (or is it gratefulness) for everything that we appreciate. Our day-to-day existences have been uprooted, lives have been lost, and billions of people have been asked to put their forward progress on hold as we make sacrifices to battle this pandemic - yet at the same time, we’re on the verge of remarkable medical breakthroughs, and have seen communities rally together in never-before-seen ways.On that note, I’d like to give a sincere THANK YOU to everyone in the Laemmle Theatres community

UPCOMING DATES AND LOCATIONSFriday 11/13 from 4:00 to 8:00 PMLaemmle Glendale Theatre – 207 N. Maryland Avenue, Glendale 91206Saturday 11/14 from 2:00 to 6:00 PMLaemmle Glendale Theatre – 207 N. Maryland Avenue, Glendale 91206NEW COMBOS AND SPECIAL DISCOUNTSPopcorn Special - $31 large popcornPizza & Beer Combo - $101 personal pizza (cheese or pepperoni)1 beer (from Lincoln Beer Company)1 large popcorn1 candyPizza & Soda Combo - $91 personal pizza (cheese or pepperoni)1 large fountain drink1 large popcorn1 candyMovie Night - $2 DiscountGet $2 off a minimum $3 purchasewith proof of recent rental onLaemmle Virtual Cinema (since 10/9)POPCORN POP