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[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Our society has seen plenty of turmoil and confusion in the first half of 2020, so I'll keep my holiday message short and sweet this time: Happy 4th of July, America. There won't be any fireworks to catch our attention and fascinate us this year, but maybe a movie will do the trick instead.New releases this week include bio-docs on U.S. Congressional Representative John Lewis, popular photographer Elliott Erwitt, and Hong Kong activist Denise Ho. There's also an Israeli drama, a collection of animated shorts, and a deep dive into the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.All the best,Greg Laemmle

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As coronavirus case loads around the country and here in Los Angeles rise, I've been reminding myself of the good news as well: baseball is back, the Supreme Court has extended discrimination protection to transgender employees, and local bicycle sales are booming. And while Laemmle Theatres still can't offer an official timeline, we've begun to prepare for reopening once allowed to do so by county authorities.In the meantime, we continue to bring you the best in independent cinema, starting with revealing new documentaries about two influential 20th century musicians: jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, and vocalist

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,We're proud to present a a diverse lineup of films this week on Laemmle Virtual Cinema, beginning with the timely and critically acclaimed Miss Juneteenth from director Channing Godfrey Peoples, as well as (In)Visible Portraits, a historical analysis of the female experience in Black America. There's also bio-documentaries about an Israeli underwater photographer, Johnny Cash's first wife, and a long distance runner from Sudan.For those who missed it last week, we will continue to offer the immensely popular Bill Nighy comedy Sometimes Always Never, already a top performer in our virtual program. I'd also like to

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As you may have seen in the news, the state of California will be allowing cinemas to reopen. We are starting to plan for the reopening of several venues, but to be clear, we will not be open this weekend.Please continue to monitor these emails for timeline updates, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also help us by filling out this anonymous online survey about the issues most important to you, as you consider whether or not to return to public moviegoing.In the meantime, we continue our virtual programming this week with Bill Nighy's Sometimes Always Never, a Scrabble-themed drama that's sure to

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,I'm truly overwhelmed by the positive responses I've seen in our community to the BLM protests. The awakening it seems to have inspired in the previously silent American majority is a reminder of our collective strength. And with the arrival of June and LGBTQ Pride Month, I'm also reminded of another landmark occasion in the history of civil rights progress in America: the Stonewall Riots of 1969.To honor the moment, we're offering a diverse selection of new virtual theatrical releases, including a modern twist on the parenting drama, a closer look at religious intolerance to homosexuality, and an amusing

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,The national attention has shifted rapidly from the Coronavirus pandemic, to the ongoing protests in the wake of George Floyd's killing. For our company statement, please see our most recent blog post.On the bright side, afternoon curfew means there's plenty of time to catch up on new Laemmle Virtual Cinema releases, beginning with Willem Dafoe in Tommaso, from Abel Ferrara. There's also Elisabeth Moss as the titular horror novelist in Shirley, as well as three new foreign language dramas. Lastly, we have American indie The Aerialist, along with art documentary Into Her Own.All the best,Greg Laemmle

Dear Laemmle Fans,BLACK LIVES MATTER.Why do we need to say that? Isn't it clear to everyone that this is an accepted truth?Sadly, the answer is no. If you truly look at our country today (never mind its history), it's clear that American society does not value, love, or protect black lives to the same extent it does others. This is not a charge leveled at any one individual, institution, or even system. Rather it is something that we need to wrestle with as a whole nation.There are those who say that we must have "law and order" before we can address the issue of systemic racism. First, I would argue that "law" and "order" are not one and the same

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Cinemas around the country are beginning to re-open, and although we're still at least a few weeks away from that here in Los Angeles, it's been fascinating to see the ingenious solutions being put forth to address the various public safety concerns.In the meantime, we're offering virtual access to Algerian drama Papicha, alongside re-releases of forgotten masterpieces The Grey Fox and Mysteries of Lisbon. There's also several new bio-docs available, including profiles of Nelson Mandela, Fernando Botero, and George Plimpton.I'd also like to thank everyone who participated in our recent audience feedback survey

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,This week, I'd like to check in with you, and ask that you fill out this anonymous online survey about Laemmle Virtual Cinema. The information you provide will be used to refine our digital service, in order to best satisfy the needs of our audience.As a thank you for the support so far, we have several major new releases to offer today. Dramatic comedies Military Wives and Lucky Grandma are sure to delight, or for a more introspective evening, try meta-documentaries The Painter and the Thief or The Ghost of Peter Sellers.We also have thrillers Mr. Jones and Inheritance, as well as feature bio-doc profiles Diana

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Though movie theatres remain closed, nature has been providing its own spectacular daily entertainment in the form of bioluminescence. Just head down to the beach at night to see for yourself.And for those who would rather stay in, we've got jazz documentaries, sexy psycho-thrillers, outrageous animation, and more available now on Laemmle Virtual Cinema.All the best,Greg Laemmle...............................................................Laemmle Virtual CinemaNew Releases for May 15 • Click posters for "Watch Now" instructions.

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,There are signs of hope this week, as our city begins to emerge from this crisis. The parks, trails, and beaches are reopening... even baseball without fans is better than nothing at all.Although nothing will ever replace the big screen, I hope one of today's new releases (including Tom Hardy's Capone) will satisfy your theatrical cravings until we can safely reopen our doors too.All the best,Greg Laemmle...............................................................Laemmle Virtual CinemaNew Releases for May 12 • Click posters for "Watch Now" instructions.

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As Los Angeles begins to reopen this weekend, I hope you venture out a bit, but remember to do so responsibly. We will only progress to the next phase of reopening (including movie theatres) if cases decline, so keep washing those hands and wearing a mask when out in public.We begin this week with Spaceship Earth, the stranger-than-fiction true story of the eight individuals who spent two years quarantined inside Biosphere 2. Then two romantic comedies from France, On a Magical Night and Someone Somewhere. Next up is Brian Dennehy in Driveways, his final screen performance before leaving us a few weeks ago. And

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As we begin another long isolated weekend, I suggest making a nice pot of homemade soup, opening a bottle of fine wine, and enjoying one (or more) of today's select new film releases.We begin with Academy Award-winner Jean Dujardin in Deerskin, a dark comedy about a man obsessed with his own jacket. Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a documentary based on the international bestseller by economist Thomas Piketty. Combining documentary footage with re-enactments, The Infiltrators examines our immigration detention centers from the inside, even as the crisis on the border is pushed from the front page news

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Six weeks in, and I'm hopeful again that theatres will be back by the end of summer. For now, here's another fine batch of new films that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.Incitement, last year's Israeli Oscar entry for Best International Film, stars Yehuda Nahari Halevi as Yigal Amir, the assassin of Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Yitzhak Rabin. A White, White Day also features a memorable lead performance, this time from Ingvar Sigurdsson, who was named Best Actor at Cannes Critic's Week. An Engineer Imagines concerns Peter Rice, the visionary behind landmarks including the Sydney

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,It's been five weeks now of Laemmle Virtual Cinema. The pandemic timeline continues to be extended, so for better or worse, we hope you'll get settled in with us to ride out this long, bumpy flight together.Let's start today's new releases with Bull, a terrific example of regional American storytelling by Annie Silverstein that was originally scheduled to open on March 20. The documentary Pahokee tells another regional story, painting a detailed portrait of small town American life before the crisis. The Sound of the Wind, by debut fimmaker Jared Douglas, is an intimate and slow-burning psychological thriller, that

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Wednesday, April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day. Although much has been accomplished in the years since, it's important to step back and remember all the serious environmental issues that we will still need to address after this pandemic passes. So to honor Earth Day, Laemmle Virtual Cinema is bringing you films from around the globe that remind us to show respect to our planet, and find ways to connect with the natural word.Eating Up Easter examines the history of exploitation and social collapse on Easter Island, while offering hopeful lessons for the future. Away, crafted singlehandedly by

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,One month since we shut down. Another month (at least) to go. We know you’re aching to come see a movie in our theatres again, and we hope one of these Laemmle Virtual Cinema offerings will keep your hopes alive for now.The Booksellers and Beyond The Visible: Hilma af Klint are documentaries that were supposed to open theatrically, and should appeal to fans of our Culture Vulture series. Straight Up is a delightful and well-reviewed American indie that we were able to show just before the closure, and which deserves another opportunity to connect with audiences. And finally, we have a pair of documentaries on one

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,I don't know about you, but I'm loving these April showers. It’s a nice excuse to stay home and watch a movie (not that we need an excuse), and today we've got some more good films to help get you through the rainy weekend.Sally Potter's Orlando is one of my all-time favorites, and she returns here with The Roads Not Taken, starring Elle Fanning and the always fabulous Javier Bardem. Tarantino fans may enjoy Clover, an action packed crime story starring Mark Webber and Jon Abrahams, alongside Chazz Palminteri and Ron Perlman. We're also proud to feature a trio of repertory films: Istvan Szabo’s monumental drama

Dear Laemmle Fans,I've been commenting to the press that I do expect to see some really interesting filmmaking emerge from this period. DIY stuff that people shoot at home. Multi-character films where the actors never interact (a'la DENISE CALLS UP). And who knows what else. They even shot me for the Laemmle documentary using Zoom.For now, I'd like to share a DIY video made by our TC5 manager, Jimmy McCormick, who wanted to share with the theatre's regulars a short film he made about life under quarantine. Jimmy asked if we could share, and I see no reason not to do so.LA YEAR RONAAll the best,Greg Laemmle

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Every Passover, the Jewish community asks the question, "Why is this night different from all other nights." This year, that’s a loaded question. We're sharing virtual Seder dinner on Zoom, and ordering Gefilte fish on Amazon. So to embrace this new observance, we've partnered with our friends at Menemsha Films to offer up a few films worthy of Passover viewing.Streits: Matzo and the American Dream is a terrific documentary about the challenges of running a multi-generational family business in response to the pressures of modernity, something I personally can relate to quite well. Set during a Passover seder in