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[ JUMP TO FILMS ]Dear Laemmle Fans,Every Passover, the Jewish community asks the question, "Why is this night different from all other nights." This year, that’s a loaded question. We're sharing virtual Seder dinner on Zoom, and ordering Gefilte fish on Amazon. So to embrace this new observance, we've partnered with our friends at Menemsha Films to offer up a few films worthy of Passover viewing. Streits: Matzo and the American Dream is a terrific documentary about the challenges of running a multi-generational family business in response to the pressures of modernity, something I personally can relate to quite well. Set during a Passover seder in [...]

[ JUMP TO FILMS ]Dear Laemmle Fans,Hello Again, and welcome to Day 19 of CoronaClosure. I’m proud that Angelenos seem to be making progress with flattening the curve, and to help with that, we are proud to share with you five new films that you can watch at home as part of the Laemmle Virtual Cinema program. Saint Frances is a heartwarming film about the personal complications and connections that were so important to our lives before social isolation became the norm. Extra Ordinary is a quirky comedy that had the misfortune of opening on March 6, and although it’s always more fun to enjoy a comedy with other people in a dark theatre, this one [...]

Much has happened since we posted notice of our closure on March 16. To get you up to speed, check out the links below . They include several messages from Greg Laemmle during the last couple of weeks.The big headline is that we've launched a new video-on-demand service – Laemmle's Virtual Cinema – in conjunction with our distributors. Since we can't go out to the movies, this will allow us to watch Laemmle films while we stay in!This is a particularly challenging time as we fight to preserve our 82-year legacy. You can help keep Laemmle strong. Here's how: 1. Watch movies online. To see what's playing, join our mailing list and bookmark the [...]

[ JUMP TO FILMS ]Dear Laemmle Fans,As we enter the third week of CoronaClosure, I again want to thank you for your show of support. You are amazing! If you can, please continue buying Premiere Cards and Gift Cards .In this email, we are adding four new titles to the LVC program. And Then We Danced is a terrific film from Georgia, perhaps my favorite film that opened in the first part of this year. We are also adding Balloon and The Wild Goose Lake , two well reviewed films that had the misfortune of opening on Friday, March 13, and were not able to play for even a full week in theatres. Finally, we are adding Perfect Nanny , a film that has not [...]

[ JUMP TO FILMS ]Dear Laemmle Fans,I know I just contacted you a couple days ago about the launch of the Laemmle Virtual Cinema program, but we've got a number of excited distributors who wanted to share some additional films. And since many of you are looking for stuff to do while sheltering in place, I figured another message wouldn’t hurt.We’ve also created a page to answer any questions you may have about Laemmle Virtual Cinema. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out via our company email , or to submit a comment via our website . I can't promise we will be able to answer all your questions directly, but your feedback [...]