Playhouse 7

Playhouse 7

Temporarily Closed.

Laemmle Glendale is closed due to the pandemic.  Visit Laemmle Virtual Cinema to watch movies now online!  Sign up below for Laemmle news and venue updates.

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[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Day by day, our country continues to reckon with the new realities of living through a pandemic. The return of baseball has provided a much-appreciated semblance of normalcy, although the pleasure may be a fleeting one unless the league is able to contain the ongoing outbreak amongst the Marlins roster. And in unrelated news, Hollywood quietly says goodbye to the longest lived star of its Golden Age.I'd also like to highlight some of the new releases on Laemmle Virtual Cinema this week, including excellent new documentaries concerning the American judicial system and the Paradise fire from 2018 (directed by Ron

Director Statement: Mateo Bendesky (Family Members)I have been interested in making a movie about teenagers ever since I was one myself. I felt that there was something in that transitional and confusing world worth reviving in a film, since through that process, I would be able to better understand my own teenage years.Taking that as a starting point, Family Members has two central topics: adolescence and mourning, two processes that I consider fundamental in the construction of identity and the sense of self. When I shot the film, I was interested in exploring adolescence as a middle state, as a waiting room for adulthood, where the mind and

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,I can't believe this is already our 25th Laemmle Virtual Cinema newsletter. While the proceeds from our online endeavors are dearly appreciated, they haven't replaced the box office, and many cinemas across the country are struggling to survive. For those inclined, you can help lobby Congress for an entertainment relief package by participating in the #SaveYourCinema social media campaign, led by the National Association of Theater Owners.New releases this week include the religious comedy Yes, God, Yes starring Natalia Dyer of Stranger Things, as well as the Neo-Gothic thriller Amulet from debut director Romola

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,While it looks like our reopening timeline has been pushed back due to the re-enforcement of local shutdown orders, there is hope on the horizon here at Laemmle Theatres. As mentioned last week, we're actively working on ways to better your online experience, and are excited to share details in the next few weeks. And for those who may have missed our social media posts, please click here to listen to our official statement in response to recent news regarding potential Laemmle Theatres property listings.For now, there are several new releases on Laemmle Virtual Cinema, leading off with Waiting for the Barbarians

Hi Everyone,Please find below a statement that we recorded, with some updates for the community regarding potential sale opportunities you may have read about in the news. One day, I plan to learn how to express myself using solely written language. But until that day comes, please excuse the use of film clips... I find that such shared cinematic moments are capable of conveying a message more sincerely and precisely than words alone ever could.All the best,Greg LaemmleCLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOGreg Laemmle here, with an update for our loyal patrons.You may have heard through the grapevine that our company is up for sale again.That's not the case