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Laemmle Glendale is closed due to the pandemic.  Visit Laemmle Virtual Cinema to watch movies now online!  Sign up below for Laemmle news and venue updates.

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Dear Laemmle Fans,There are some people who like movies. And then there are some people who REALLY like movies.To honor the latter category, Laemmle Theatres would like to present an interview that we recently conducted with local movie connoisseur and Laemmle super-fan, Nina Levy. Since the pandemic shutdown began in March, Nina has already watched (and rated) over 60 films available on Laemmle virtual Cinema!Pictured: Nina in her "home cinema" with her two-year-old Chihuahua-Terrier mix, Lucy (the same breed as the dog in Marona's Fantastic Tale).Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself!My name is Nina, and I’m from Los Angeles, more

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Our society has seen plenty of turmoil and confusion in the first half of 2020, so I'll keep my holiday message short and sweet this time: Happy 4th of July, America. There won't be any fireworks to catch our attention and fascinate us this year, but maybe a movie will do the trick instead.New releases this week include bio-docs on U.S. Congressional Representative John Lewis, popular photographer Elliott Erwitt, and Hong Kong activist Denise Ho. There's also an Israeli drama, a collection of animated shorts, and a deep dive into the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.All the best,Greg Laemmle

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As coronavirus case loads around the country and here in Los Angeles rise, I've been reminding myself of the good news as well: baseball is back, the Supreme Court has extended discrimination protection to transgender employees, and local bicycle sales are booming. And while Laemmle Theatres still can't offer an official timeline, we've begun to prepare for reopening once allowed to do so by county authorities.In the meantime, we continue to bring you the best in independent cinema, starting with revealing new documentaries about two influential 20th century musicians: jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, and vocalist

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,We're proud to present a a diverse lineup of films this week on Laemmle Virtual Cinema, beginning with the timely and critically acclaimed Miss Juneteenth from director Channing Godfrey Peoples, as well as (In)Visible Portraits, a historical analysis of the female experience in Black America. There's also bio-documentaries about an Israeli underwater photographer, Johnny Cash's first wife, and a long distance runner from Sudan.For those who missed it last week, we will continue to offer the immensely popular Bill Nighy comedy Sometimes Always Never, already a top performer in our virtual program. I'd also like to

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,As you may have seen in the news, the state of California will be allowing cinemas to reopen. We are starting to plan for the reopening of several venues, but to be clear, we will not be open this weekend.Please continue to monitor these emails for timeline updates, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also help us by filling out this anonymous online survey about the issues most important to you, as you consider whether or not to return to public moviegoing.In the meantime, we continue our virtual programming this week with Bill Nighy's Sometimes Always Never, a Scrabble-themed drama that's sure to