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Laemmle Glendale is closed due to the pandemic.  Visit Laemmle Virtual Cinema to watch movies now online!  Sign up below for Laemmle news and venue updates.

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Dear Laemmle Fans,BLACK LIVES MATTER.Why do we need to say that? Isn't it clear to everyone that this is an accepted truth?Sadly, the answer is no. If you truly look at our country today (never mind its history), it's clear that American society does not value, love, or protect black lives to the same extent it does others. This is not a charge leveled at any one individual, institution, or even system. Rather it is something that we need to wrestle with as a whole nation.There are those who say that we must have "law and order" before we can address the issue of systemic racism. First, I would argue that "law" and "order" are not one and the same

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Cinemas around the country are beginning to re-open, and although we're still at least a few weeks away from that here in Los Angeles, it's been fascinating to see the ingenious solutions being put forth to address the various public safety concerns.In the meantime, we're offering virtual access to Algerian drama Papicha, alongside re-releases of forgotten masterpieces The Grey Fox and Mysteries of Lisbon. There's also several new bio-docs available, including profiles of Nelson Mandela, Fernando Botero, and George Plimpton.I'd also like to thank everyone who participated in our recent audience feedback survey

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,This week, I'd like to check in with you, and ask that you fill out this anonymous online survey about Laemmle Virtual Cinema. The information you provide will be used to refine our digital service, in order to best satisfy the needs of our audience.As a thank you for the support so far, we have several major new releases to offer today. Dramatic comedies Military Wives and Lucky Grandma are sure to delight, or for a more introspective evening, try meta-documentaries The Painter and the Thief or The Ghost of Peter Sellers.We also have thrillers Mr. Jones and Inheritance, as well as feature bio-doc profiles Diana

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,Though movie theatres remain closed, nature has been providing its own spectacular daily entertainment in the form of bioluminescence. Just head down to the beach at night to see for yourself.And for those who would rather stay in, we've got jazz documentaries, sexy psycho-thrillers, outrageous animation, and more available now on Laemmle Virtual Cinema.All the best,Greg Laemmle...............................................................Laemmle Virtual CinemaNew Releases for May 15 • Click posters for "Watch Now" instructions.

[JUMP TO FILMS]Dear Laemmle Fans,There are signs of hope this week, as our city begins to emerge from this crisis. The parks, trails, and beaches are reopening... even baseball without fans is better than nothing at all.Although nothing will ever replace the big screen, I hope one of today's new releases (including Tom Hardy's Capone) will satisfy your theatrical cravings until we can safely reopen our doors too.All the best,Greg Laemmle...............................................................Laemmle Virtual CinemaNew Releases for May 12 • Click posters for "Watch Now" instructions.