You Carry Me

East of West Award
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
If the celluloid tape still existed, it would surely snap under the film's powerful, ripping emotions.


You Carry Me

“You Carry Me“ is a film about moving forward, about being the masters of our lives, of our reactions to what is happening to us, as well as our enjoyment in this life which is always great, magic and marvelous.

Three stories about three daughters of different age, status and family background are presented in order to show more than one intimate relationship and cover a wider range of such relationships. It's about three daughters who battle for acceptance, redemption and new opportunities.

Dora is a neglected girl, who dreams about becoming a football manager. Suddenly, her outlaw father enters her life and they build a close relationship. Ives, a director, nurses her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. As she loses him, she gradually loses the ground beneath her feet. Nataša, successful producer, is pregnant. When things go awry for her, she decides to confront her broken relationship with her dad in order to accept her future . All three carry their fathers, yet they need them to confront themselves.

Since the international premiere at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival “You Carry Me” has been awarded 7 awards. Recently at LET’S CEE Film Festival in Vienna, the film was awarded Best Picture, as the jury stated:

In a strong local setting and in highly unusual and original scenes, the filmmaker draws complex, stubborn and idiosyncratic characters. They are the modern heroines of three stories reflecting father-daughter relationships in very different social settings. Against all dramaturgical principals, the filmmaker unfolds the stories in a quiet yet convincing way to interweave them finally to something way bigger than the sum of all parts: LIFE as something huge.

- Grand Prix at Avvantura Film Festival

- Best Feature Film at LET'S CEE Film Festival

- Golden Mimosa for best Director at Montenegro Film Festival
Not Rated
Action, Drama
Ivona Juka
Vojislav Brajovic, Natasa Janjic
Nominee, East of West Award, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter

An emotionally absorbing ensemble drama full of dramatic swerves and chronological loops, You Carry Me feels like a Balkan cousin of Crash or 21 Grams. Novelistic in scope and texture, the Croatian writer-director Ivona Juka’s confident feature debut screened in Sarajevo last week following its ...

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