Wild Daze


Wild Daze

WILD DAZE is a fast-paced and richly stitched documentary, employing mesmerizing visuals driven by Keith David’s commanding narration, and fueled by dozens of engaging experts like Jane Goodall, Andrea Crosta, Will Travers and Azad “Oz’ Ebrahimzadeh, trophy hunters and displaced indigenous African forest peoples. Filmmaker Phyllis Stuart created the profound documentary film Wild Daze to reveal the unvarnished truth about our tenuous relationship with nature and underscore an urgent need to end the ecocide. While WILD DAZE captivates audiences as they journey across the glorious African continent, viewers will also understand why its precious natural resources are vanishing. This crisis is driven by unbridled crime and corruption, armed insurgents, trophy hunting, the illegal pet trade, the bush meat trade and an insatiable consumer demand for natural resources. Moreover, international criminal cartels orchestrate the illegal wildlife trade while destroying rural societies as it generates twenty billion illicit dollars each year. Not only are wild animals being driven to the brink of extinction, (a loss that threatens all human health), but the indigenous Africans living with the wildlife are being exploited, killed or displaced.

Since human survival hangs in balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem. In the film Dr. Jane Goodall establishes the existential crisis when she says: “How come that the most intellectual species to ever walk the planet is wiping out the other life forms, is destroying ecosystems? Because this in the end is going to lead to our destruction. So, we destroy these animals at our own peril without thinking of the future of our own species”.
Not Rated
Documentary, World Affairs
Phyllis Stuart
Phyllis Stuart
Phyllis Stuart
Jane Goodall, Will Travers, Geoffrey Kent, Tony Fitzjohn, Gretchen Peters, Ian Redmond, Mike Korchinsky, Holly Dranginis, Richard Bonham, Ofir Drori, Russell Mittermeier, Richard Ruggiero

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