Us and Them

Feels like a young Guy Ritchie working from an early Quentin Tarantino script...a star-making performance from Roth who’s endlessly engaging to watch.


Us and Them

Three rough and tumble British lads, intent on making a grand and brutish statement on economic inequality in the UK, use one upper crust family as their sacrificial lamb. Angry and frustrated, working class Danny (Jack Roth) aims to kick-start a revolution by turning the tables on the establishment with a deadly game of chance. The only problem is that, while Danny is a very angry young man, he has no plan whatsoever. Director Joe Martin portrays the class struggle as a grotesque chamber piece on speed that has at its heart precisely that diffuse political fury that was reflected in the votes for Brexit and Trump.

"Part Tarantino and Guy Richie, part Michael Haneke and A Clockwork Orange, with a bit of Alan Clarke tossed into the mix."
– Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

"A remarkable acting turn by Jack Roth (who) owns the camera with gritty style ... an actor to watch." – Brian Tallerico,

"Dark, gritty, comical, and poignant. Cinematography was fantastic…a very entertaining film." – Mark Krawczyk, We Live Film
Not Rated
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Joe Martin
Jack Roth, Sophie Colquhoun
Matt Donato,We Got This Covered

Joe Martin’s 'Us and Them' is less a dangerous class-warfare battle and more a steamy soapbox rant. It’s positioned as “a deadly game of chance,” but don’t expect some 'Saw'-like torture chamber. Anti-establishment angst fuels a fire that rages in the name of social responsibility, through tirades ...

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