Two Gods

A poetic meditation on life, death and the struggle in between.


Two Gods

Hanif is a Muslim casket maker and ritual body washer in Newark NJ. He mentors two kids – Furguan, a confident 12-year-old who comes from a rough home, and Naz, a 17-year-old who has been fighting through his own struggles as a young black man growing up in Newark. Hardship comes when Furguan’s home life becomes more turbulent and Naz gets caught up in a serious arrest. Hanif fears he has failed as a mentor and begins to fall into a downward spiral.

During their darkest moments, they take what they’ve learned from each other to pull through. And through faith, brotherhood and redemption, they find their purpose.

From the director: Growing up Muslim in America, I always longed for interesting portrayals of Muslim Americans that were not political – stories that were personal, quiet and reflective. Our film gives nuance to our Muslim American community, which has needed a change in the narrative. And it presents a Muslim American story that is intersectional and showcases faith as a fact of life, rather than something that needs to be explained or defended

“A timely portrait of lives lost and redeemed." ~ Hollywood Reporter
Not Rated
Documentary, African-American Experience, Religion
Zeshawn Ali
Jordan MintzerHollywood Reporter

Premiering at a moment of mass protest and urban unrest, Zeshawn Ali’s documentary 'Two Gods' chronicles a situation that America’s Black community has lived with for far too long, in a cycle of systemic problems that seems to go unbroken. And yet this intimate portrait of Hanif, a Black Muslim ...

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