Twelfth Night

The japes and revels are an unending delight; John Hodgkinson is a deliciously mercurial Sir Toby and Michael Cochrane’s Sir Andrew is cherishable.


Twelfth Night

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'I am all the daughters of my father's house,
And all the brothers too.'

Twelfth Night
 is a tale of unrequited love – hilarious and heartbreaking. Two twins are separated in a shipwreck, and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land. The first twin, Viola, falls in love with Orsino, who dotes on OIivia, who falls for Viola but is idolised by Malvolio. Enter Sebastian, who is the spitting image of his twin sister...

Christopher Luscombe, firector of the ‘glorious’ (Daily Telegraph) 
Love’s Labour’s Lost and Much Ado About Nothing (2014 and 2016), returns to the Royal Shakespeare Company to tackle Shakespeare’s greatest comedy, a brilliantly bittersweet account of "the whirligig of time, "with Adrian Edmondson (Bottom, The Young Ones) in the role of Malvolio and Kara Tointon (ITV’s Mr. Selfridge and Sound of Music Live!) in the role of Olivia.


4 stars
‘Sumptuous romp is a festive season treat’
‘Heavens, this does look lovely. The RSC has gone all-out on a sumptuous design (three cheers for Simon Higlett’)
‘The japes and revels are an unending delight; John Hodgkinson is a deliciously mercurial Sir Toby and Michael Cochrane’s Sir Andrew is cherishable’

4 stars
‘Dinita Gohil, ‘a luminous shipwrecked Viola ’; Beruce Khan, ‘excellent as Feste’
‘Designer Simon Higlett’s stunning styling…the Victorian period details are lovely . . . the costumes exquisite – it really does look beautiful’
‘Adrian Edmondson is outstanding as Malvolio…he brings the house down’
‘Sir Toby Belch and drinking partner Sir Andrew Aguecheek are devoured with great relish by the wonderful John Hodgkinson and Michael Cochrane…very funny physical comedy’
‘Enjoyable performances all-round from a super-talented cast’

4 stars
‘Lavish and uplifting…Christopher Luscombe’s visually rich production’
‘An incredibly handsome production’
‘John Hodgkinson’s flatulent, thunder-lunged Toby Belch and Michael Cochrane’s quavering Andrew Aguecheek make a delightful double act.’

‘Fun and fury from Ade Edmondson and Kara Tointon’
‘Kara Tointon’s poised, elegant Olivia…Dinita Gohil is a bright-eyed figure who delivers the famous “willow cabin” speech with a level of rapture I have not heard in ages’
‘The designs, ranging from railway stations to statuary-filled gardens, are a delight’

‘Adrian Edmondson possesses a hypnotic quality of unpredictability’
‘John Hodgkinson delivers a great parcel of comic joy as Toby Belch, with Michael Cochrane a hoot as old Aguecheek…delightful’

‘If music be the food of love, get ready to lick your lips: Christopher Luscombe’s RSC production of Shakespeare’s melancholy comedy sounds – and looks – sumptuous. Lavishly designed with a lush, romantic score, and stuffed with smart ideas. The wealth of detail is richly rewarding.’
‘Kara Tointon’s forthright Olivia glitters alluringly…Vivien Parry’s Welsh Maria is warm and witty…a delicious cameo by Sarah Twomey as mischievous scullery maid Fabia…Dinita Gohil’s bright, lively Viola’
‘Adrian Edmondson has flashes of dark, comic brilliance’
‘Frothy fun – but with bite’

‘Brings a glorious historic England to life’
‘Adrian Edmondson becomes Malvolio in a very natural way with great attention to detail…it’s marvellous stuff and he shines when on stage’
‘Dinita Gohil as Viola is fresh-faced, animated and clear…Kara Tointon as Olivia has suitable aloofness and formality in the role’
‘It is the hilarious antics of John Hodgkinson’s Sir Toby Belch and Michael Cochrane’s Sir Andrew Aguecheek that are the most memorable. They make a great team with elements of slapstick, pantomime and comic timing that work a treat’
‘Lavish, joyous, well thought out, and marks the long-awaited RSC performance of one of Britain’s best comedy actors’

‘Christopher Luscombe returns to the RSC to direct Twelfth Night. It’s another triumph…Simon Higlett’s designs are just as lavish as before… the Victorian setting provides a compelling context’
‘There’s a palpable chemistry between [Nicholas Bishop’s languid Orsino] and Dinita Gohil’s chirpy Viola (the best I’ve seen the relationship played)’
‘Bloody good fun. A Victorian romp’
‘Ade Edmondson’s Malvolio is pitched to perfection…Michael Cochrane’s Andrew Agucheek is hysterical,…Beruce Khan’s brilliant Feste…Vivien Parry’s witty Maria’
‘Rowdy music hall numbers punctuate a jolly period style soundtrack, culminating in an all-singing, all-dancing finale’
‘Undoubtedly, the RSC has another big hit on its hands. Bring on the cakes and ale!’

‘This beautiful rendition of Shakespeare’s melancholy comedy… a glorious production‘
‘Ravishingly designed by Simon Higlett…perfection of design and setting…not a nuance is missed, not a joke fails’
‘Michael Cochrane’s fabulously hopeless Aguecheek…Kara Tointon’s finely drawn Olivia…Beruce Khan’s calculatedly capering Feste’
‘The whole ensemble is perfect: Vivien Parry gives us Maria as a vindictive virago…Sarah Twomey, Verity Kirk and Sally Cheng are lovely maids’
‘There is an exuberance which warms the whole evening…I’d go again tomorrow. Hey ho, the wind and the rain’

‘This is Shakespeare for people who think they don’t like Shakespeare. If you only go to the theatre once in the next three months, make sure it’s for this. It is utterly enchanting’
‘Adrian Edmondson leads an excellent company

‘The settings are gorgeous’
‘Dinita Gohil as Viola
, is terrific’
‘It is wonderful, magical, gender-bending, elegant stuff’
‘Wonderful comedy routines by John Hodgkinson and Michael Cochrane’
Not Rated
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