Troma's Eating Miss Campbell

It’s 'Sex Education' meets 'Heathers' with a touch of cannibalism.

COMING SOON OPENS in 14 days, February 16

Troma's Eating Miss Campbell

Troma fans rejoice! The brand spanking new Troma Team production ‘Eating Miss Campbell’ has its West Coast Premiere with producer LLOYD KAUFMAN and director LIAM REGAN in attendance on all three dates.

Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment & the creator of The Toxic Avenger) and Liam Regan will be in attendance during all three toxic engagements. Along with Toxie, Troma alumni and genre celebrities will join the FANTOXIC Q&A panel at the West Coast Premiere on Thursday, February 16th.

Featuring a cast of genre favorites including LAURENCE R. HARVEY (The Human Centipede sequels), LYNDSEY CRAINE (Book of Monsters) and LLOYD KAUFMAN (The Toxic Avenger) with an original score composed by OSCAR® WINNER JOE RENZETTI (Child’s Play, Poltergeist III & Frankenhooker).

Heavily Influenced by the work of producer Lloyd Kaufman, filmmaker Liam Regan has lovingly crafted a Troma film where teenage crushes and cannibalism collide in a gut-busting and gore-soaked, comedy horror that pushes just about every boundary socially constructed.
Not Rated
Comedy, Horror
Liam Regan
Lloyd Kaufman
Liam Regan
Lyndsey Craine, Lala Barlow, Vito Trigo, James Hammer-Morton, Charlie Bond
Stefania Sarrubba, Signal Horizon

Homage horror 'Eating Miss Campbell' puts a comically twisted spin on high school drama with its cannibal story and tongue-in-cheek, politically incorrect humor. Liam Regan, already behind the camera of 'My Bloody Banjo,' returns to FrightFest for the world premiere of his latest film, a genre ...

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