Treemy Awards


Treemy Awards

The Second Annual Treemy Awards for trees in film, television, and the internet is the only awards show to highlight the achievements of trees in popular culture. Building off of 2022’s event, this year will feature five new categories for trees in addition to last year’s marquee awards and, of course, the awarding of the Lifetime A-tree-vement Award. Creator Tobin Mitnick (@jewslovetrees) partners this year with Casey Clapp and Alex Crowson, hosts of the juggernaut tree podcast Complete Arbortrary (Casey Clapp and Alex Crowson) to curate an evening full of laughs, tears, and trees. Note: forest green carpet starts at 9:00pm for all guests. Dress code is semi-floral.

Hosts: Tobin Mitnick, Casey Clapp, Alex Crowson, with a special reading by Libby Oren

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