Times of Bill Cunningham

The film is never less than charming, imbued with genuine fondness for its subject.

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The Times of Bill Cunningham

Told in Bill Cunningham’s own words from a recently unearthed six-hour 1994 interview, the iconic street photographer and fashion historian chronicles, in his customarily cheerful and plainspoken manner, moonlighting as a milliner in France during the Korean War, his unique relationship with First Lady Jackie Kennedy, his four decades at The New York Times, and his democratic view of fashion and society. Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, The Times of Bill Cunningham features incredible photographs chosen from over three million previously unpublicized images and documents from Cunningham.
Not Rated
Documentary, Fashion, LGBTQ, Bio-pic, Photography
Mark Bozek
Mark Bozek
Bill Cunningham
Owen GleibermanVariety

In “The Times of Bill Cunningham,” the late New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham appears before us as a blissed-out aging choirboy. He sits in his small apartment, surrounded by file cabinets jammed with his work, a geek in his element, with a shock of gray hair and two jutting front ...

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