Test & the Art of Thinking

It's a brutal takedown of a practice now warping K-12 education and should embarrass every school that still requires them.


The Test & the Art of Thinking

There's a scandal brewing in the halls of academia and around dining room tables in homes across America. Anxious High School students and their parents agonize over the pressure-cooker world of college admissions and looming SAT and ACT exams. A nail-biting and a true rite of passage for teenagers, these tests have long been thought to dramatically influence the trajectory of their academic or even professional life. But for decades there have been questions about exactly what these tests measure, what role they play in the admissions process and how predictive they are of academic success.

THE TEST & THE ART OF THINKING pulls back the curtain on the ballooning test-prep industry and examines their motives, test-taking tips and effectiveness. Through interviews with students, parents, counselors, test-prep professionals and academics, THE TEST & THE ART OF THINKING provides a fascinating look at this uniquely American rite of passage and how it reflects deeper issues in our educational system - and our society as a whole.

A must-see for students and families about to navigate the college admissions process, educators and everyone involved in the education system.
Not Rated
Documentary, Education
Michael Arlen Davis
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