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When thespian couple Tucker Charlemagne and Sandrene St. Jean are kicked out of the avant-garde theatre scene in New York by their long-time acting guru Buford Slezinger, they must venture back to Sandrene’s hometown of Fargo, North Dakota to start a new theatre company and win a residency at the historic Fargo Theatre. Should be a piece of cake for our cultured artístes, right? Wrong. Upon arrival, they discover that Fargo already has a theater company headed up by Sandrene’s ruthless former drama teacher Mr. Mortensen, and they mean business.

Luckily, Tucker and Sandrene are pretty hard to miss, and after an eventful (and slightly dangerous) spontaneous performance at the local watering hole, a motley crew of locals from the night before pledge to join our intrepid duo in their quest. Choosing an abandoned moonshine distillery as their home base, the aptly named “Tankhouse Theater” is born.

Through a whirlwind of immersive theater attacks, alleyway sing-offs, sabotage, and TMI cast bonding, Tucker, Sandrene, and the Tankhouse will stop at nothing to win that theater, setting up an epic showdown with Mr. Mortensen’s Red River Players. But it’s not just their rivals they need to worry about: over their time in Fargo, Tucker and Sandrene soon discover that they may not want the same things in life, and they will soon be forced to decide whether they can truly achieve what they want to achieve- together.
Noam Tomaschoff
Matthew Cooper
Noam Tomaschoff, Chelsea Frei
Tara Holt, Stephen Friedrich, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Kind, Austin Crute, Luke Spencer Roberts, Nadia Alexander, Sarah Yarkin, Rachel Matthews, Joe Adler, Andy Buckley, Joey Lauren Adams, Carolyn Michelle Smith, Devere Rogers

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