Tale of Winter

Rohmer works magic with his generally unfamiliar casts, drawing from them more they perhaps realize they're yielding.


A Tale of Winter

The second installment of “Tales of the Four Seasons” is among the most spiritual and emotional films of Rohmer’s storied career. Five years after losing touch with Charles (Frédéric van den Driessche), the love of her life and the father of her young daughter, Félicie (Charlotte Véry) attempts to choose between librarian Loïc (Hervé Furic), who lives in the Parisian suburbs, or hairdresser Maxence (Michel Voletti), who has recently moved to Nevers. In the midst of indecision Félicie holds to an undying faith that a miracle will reunite her with Charles, a faith that Rohmer examines in all of its religious dimensions and philosophical ramifications.
Not Rated
Tales of the Four Seasons, Drama, Comedy, French Cinema
Eric Rohmer
Frédéric van den Driessche, Charlotte Véry, Hervé Furic, Michel Voletti
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

The French respect the quirky workings of the human heart more than any other people, and among the French filmmakers, the keenest observer may be Eric Rohmer, whose “A Tale of Winter” finds him at his scintillating best, never wiser or funnier. This time out he tackles that eternal question: What ...

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