Stay With Us

Gad Elmaleh’s superb 'Stay With Us' has the uplift, humor, and soul-searching of the best Yuletide stories.


Stay With Us

After three successful years living and working in America, French-Jewish actor and comedian Gad Elmaleh decides to move back home to Paris. He misses his family and friends. Or, at least that's what Gad tells his loving yet overbearing parents, Régine and David. However, it's not long before his parents find out the true reason for their son's return — after a long period of ambivalence towards his own Jewishness, Gad has officially decided to convert to Catholicism. Dumbfounded by his sudden obsession with the Virgin Mary, and with only five weeks before his baptism, Gad's family endeavor to bring him back to Judaism for fear of losing him forever.

Inspired by the director's own fraught relationship to the Jewish faith and starring Elmaleh's real-life family,
Stay With Us is a heartwarming and charming story about faith, family and acceptance.

"Gad Elmaleh’s superb
Stay With Us has the uplift, humor, and soul-searching of the best Yuletide stories, from A Christmas Carol to A Charlie Brown Christmas." ~ Dimitri Keramitas , Bonjour Paris

"It is well-paced, gentle with its subjects, and full of heart. The family warmth floods off the screen." ~ Erik Ross, The Times of Israel
Not Rated
French Cinema, Jewish Culture, Comedy
Gad Elmaleh
Gad Elmaleh, Benjamin Charbit, Eytan Saada
Gad Elmaleh, Judith Elmaleh, Régine Elmaleh, Rony Kramer

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