State Organs

Extremely penetrating, going straight into your soul.


State Organs

From Peabody Award-winning Raymond Zhang and Emmy Award-winning Composer Daryl Bennett. When two young people suddenly went missing in mainland China, their families began a 20-year dangerous search for them. What they encountered was merciless rejection, a shocking state crime, and eventually, a sense of hope as a renewal of traditional faith emerged in China. The atrocity of state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting in China is comparable to the holocaust in World War II, with tens of thousands of victims, but the difference is: it is still going on.

“A riveting documentary that carries the viewer on a parallel journey—a searing exposé of forced organ harvesting in China—and the moving story of innocent victims.” ~ Epoch Times

Winner 2023 Leo Awards, Best Direction

Winner 2023 Leo Awards, Best Musical Score

Nominee 2023 Leo Awards, Best Feature Length Documentary

Nominee 2023 Leo Awards, Best Screenwriting

Nominee 2023 Leo Awards, Best Picture Editing

Nominee 2023 Leo Awards, Best Sound Effect
Not Rated
Chinese, English
Raymond Zhang

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