Sorolla: The Natural Emotion


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Sorolla: The Natural Emotion

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Sorolla: The Natural Emotion is the documentary record of the first great anthological exhibition that the Prado Museum dedicated to the great master of the 19th century and the most important held inside and outside of Spain: Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923).

It covers the culmination of the itinerancy in Spain of the fourteen panels of the
Vision of Spain, commissioned by the Hispanic Society of America, which the Bancaja Foundation brought to Spain in 2007. This spectacular set constitutes the most magnificent decorative project of Sorolla's fecund career, in addition of the true epilogue and synthesis of all its production.

The representation of the light, the beauty of his pastel brushstrokes, the love of his native land as well as the relationship with his family and many other issues, are explored by experts in the field, creating a production where the figure of of Sorolla is exalted and revealed.

Producer López Linares comments that "it was a great discovery that there were so many photos of Sorolla, suddenly we had an incredible photographic archive, with magnificent photos of him painting, when he was older, on the beach, family photos ... It was all very well documented. It's a pleasant surprise for the documentary to find you with this photographic richness, it's wonderful."
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Jose Luis López Linares
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