Show Me What You Got

A 21st-century spin on French New Wave cinema.

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Show Me What You Got

In a richly filmed black-and-white Los Angeles, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT follows three young millennials as they form a wholehearted ménage à trois, finding joy together by joining political protests, making art, and falling deeper into their unconventional love, until one must return to Italy and their experience there threatens the delicate balance of their relationship in this award-winning film that sparks with the restless energy of the French New Wave.
Not Rated
English, Italian, French
Svetlana Cvetko
Sabina Dana Plasse, Film Threat

In a time when black and white film appears to be elusive, the directorial debut of Svetlana Cvetko, known for her cinematography for Inside Job, uses this artful format as a beautiful canvas to enhance a love and loss story composing a film that is a tale of the heart—actually three hearts. Show Me ...

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