Shoah: Four Sisters - Part A

The installments...have a cumulative power. Their points of confluence...underscore the horror and...grim absurdity of surviving extermination.


Shoah: Four Sisters - Part A

Claude Lanzmann's last film, The Four Sisters consists "of a 90-minute English-language interview with Auschwitz survivor Ruth Elias...offer[ing] the singular testimony of a woman who suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Nazis and somehow made it out alive. Her lucidity about the experience, and her dignity in the face of disaster, are something to behold. It’s impossible to watch the film and not feel transformed afterwards. And even if Lanzmann has ostensibly made a documentary, his movie has the emotional impact and cinematic prowess of great drama." (Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter)

PART A features the stories of Ruth and Ida, PART B the stories of Hanna and Paula.

Part A and B for single admission (double feature) if seen on the same day.

Re-admission: $6 with proof of purchase for the second half if seen on the subsequent day.

Not Rated
Documentary, History, Women and Film, Jewish Culture, Fascism
French, German, English, Hebrew
Claude Lanzmann
Pat Brown, Slant Magazine

When Claude Lanzmann’s sprawling nine-hour documentary 'Shoah' was released in 1985, it reversed received notions of cinema’s relationship to history, as it used film not to preserve or recreate a historical moment, but to reveal the continued presence of the past in the contemporary world. Lanzmann ...

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