Roll With Me


Roll With Me

Set amidst 3,100 miles of open road and small towns across America, ROLL WITH ME chronicles recovering addict and paraplegic Gabriel Cordell’s momentous journey to become the first person to navigate an unmodified wheelchair across America. ROLL WITH ME is directed by former professional basketball player and stuntwoman turned award-winning filmmaker Lisa France (ANNE B. REAL), the documentary bands together a crew of unlikely co-conspirators, each battling their own issues with addiction, PTSD and life. France amazingly captures the triumphs and Cordell's warrior spirit on the expedition while riding a bike on this world record-breaking journey.

Meaningful and motivating, France’s ROLL WITH ME shares intimate narratives of PTSD, homelessness, family estrangement and sobriety struggles. Commencing as a challenge to push an unmodified wheelchair from Los Angeles, California to Gabriel's hometown of West Hempstead, New York. Cordell’s exploration of endurance seeks to establish our common humanity.

ROLL WITH ME is an official selection of the 2018 Slamdance Film Festival and award winner at Woodstock Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival and Milan International Film Festival.
Lisa France

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