Rabbi Goes West

Peary and Geller observe the rabbi's progress with humor, acuity, and empathy.

LAST CHANCE! Thu, Feb 25

The Rabbi Goes West

THE RABBI GOES WEST, a 78-minute documentary, tells the story of shliach Rabbi Chaim Bruk, who moved from Brooklyn to Bozeman, Montana with his wife Chavie Bruk to bring traditional Judaism to the American west. Part of his mission is to place a mezuzah, an encased prayer offering, on the doorpost of every Montana Jew. That’s less than 2,000 families spread across a state fourteen times larger than Israel.

As he travels across this “big sky” landscape, Chaim confronts a terrifying neo-Nazi threat. He also faces objections from some skeptical Jews and the state’s rabbis, both Reform and Conservative.
Not Rated
Amy Geller
Gerald Peary
Peter Keough, Boston Globe

Chaim Bruk, a rabbi from Brooklyn, went west, to Bozeman, Mont., with a dream: Hang a mezuzah on the door of every Jewish household in his adopted state. In so doing he also hoped to win converts to his Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community. Cambridge filmmakers Gerald Peary and Amy Geller follow him ...

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