Covers thousands of miles, while never losing sight of the ordinary human beings behind the money and the statistics.

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Housing prices are skyrocketing in cities around the world. Incomes are not. PUSH sheds light on a new kind of faceless landlord, our increasingly unliveable cities and an escalating crisis that has an effect on us all. This is not gentrification, it's a different kind of monster.The film follows Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, as she's travelling the globe, trying to understand who's being pushed out of the city and why. "I believe there's a huge difference between housing as a commodity and gold as a commodity. Gold is not a human right, housing is," says Leilani.
Not Rated
Documentary, Politics
Fredrik Gertten

It’s always a slightly difficult job to review politically-charged documentaries. There’s a sense that, if you agree with them, you’re always going to come out positive, whereas it’s very difficult for a doc that bashes against your worldview to feel like a success. Occasionally, though, a ...

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