Burge is remarkable as Eli, a mentally overloaded New Yorker.



Starring Joshua Burge (BUZZARD, RELAXER, THE REVENANT) in “one of the best performances of the year” and Chloé Groussard in her “memorable feature debut.” Pratfall centers around Eli, a deeply troubled New Yorker grappling with a devastating loss. His life becomes an unending cycle of sleepless nights, relentless self-conversation, and a diet of coffee and hot dogs. Eli's daily routine is disrupted when he crosses paths with Joelle, a captivating yet down-on-her-luck French tourist. Stranded in Central Park, Joelle yearns to explore the city but finds herself trapped among its misfits. Despite Eli's initial hostility, she latches onto him, seeking a guide in this foreign urban landscape.

What ensues is a sleepless tour of the city, an unusual yet poignant journey led by Eli, who embellishes his narrations, painting an image of New York that is as compelling as it is haunting. Joelle's curiosity and unwavering optimism serve as a beacon of light in Eli's world of darkness, initiating an unlikely bond between these two disparate souls. However, their shared journey is not without its perils. The sinister forces that shape New York City, loom large, threatening to engulf both Eli and Joelle.

Winner Best Feature Spirit Award at the 2023 Brooklyn Film Festival

Winner Best Actress Manchester Film Festival 2024

“With his first feature,
Pratfall, writer-director Alex Andre has created a film that exists at the crossroads of Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights…Andre flawlessly captures the visual emotion of New York.” – FILM THREAT

“Burge is remarkable…as Eli…a mentally overloaded New Yorker…a daring piece that maintains all the requisite vitality and immediacy to warrant notice.” – FILM THREAT

“Andre’s conception of the Big Apple, of those inhabiting it and visiting it, is, in turn, brooding and buoyant, seedy and divine.” – FILM THREAT

“One of the best performances I’ve seen this year.” – UNSEEN FILMS

“Joshua Burge has one of cinema’s most expressive faces...
Pratfall is a sobering study of fate, unprocessed emotional trauma and The Big Apple as an unforgiving Big Bad.” – VAGUE VISAGES
Not Rated
Drama, New York City
English, French
Alex Andre
Alex Andre, Jordyn Barber
Alex Andre
Joshua Burge, Chloé Groussard

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