"As the problems of the world become more and more complex, the solutions become clear and simple. One Australian family spends their life savings and travels to the U.S., spending four years documenting a style of farming that will help save humanity!"

Set amidst the stunning Shenendoah Valley in Northern Virginia, Polyface Farm uses no chemicals and feeds over 6,000 families, restaurants and cafes within a three hour foodshed of their farm. Joel Salatin was called "the world's most innovative farmer" by TIME Magazine.

Polyfaces is a joyful film about connecting to the land. It follows the Salatins, a fourth generation farming family who do everything differently than everyone else as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

Polyfaces shows how they regenerate their landscape, communities, local economies, customers’ health and most importantly their soil. We meet various characters and follow their powerful, personal journeys as they benefit physically and emotionally from the Salatin's way of farming. Agriculture is the most damaging industry on the planet but it doesn't have to be. This model is being replicated throughout our global village, proving that we can provide quality produce without depleting our planet.

One passionate Australian family commits their home building budget and four years of their lives to make a film to inspire change and save humanity. It’s their gift to the global village.

The Weinstein Company’s Harvey Weinstein recently praised ‘Polyfaces’,

“…Thank you for sending us POLYFACES. It’s an ambitious project, and truly inspiring. The message is clear, regenerating soil is what will save the world. Lisa and Darren did a beautiful job with this…”

Here's what Michael Pollan had to say:

'I have no doubt that your film will fill young people with optimism and stoke their desire to farm. I can't imagine watching it as a 20 year old and not deciding this is what I want to do!'
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Documentary, Food

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