A deeply moving portrait to its truly admirable, complex subject.


The Peacemaker

THE PEACEMAKER follows international peacemaker Padraig O'Malley, who helps make peace for others but struggles to find it for himself.

The film takes us from Padraig's isolated life in Cambridge, Massachusetts to some of the most dangerous crisis zones on Earth – from Northern Ireland to Kosovo, Nigeria to Iraq over five years – as he works a peacemaking model based on his recovery from addiction. We meet Padraig in the third act of his life in a race against time to find some kind of salvation for both the world and himself.

"The movie is a fascinating portrait that is if anything too brief." - Glenn Kenny, New York Times

"He’s a haunted, contradictory character, to the point that he isn’t just more fascinating than the conflicts he’s trying to solve. The more we get to know him, the more his core motivation — is he an idealist or something else? — becomes the mystery of the film.” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"The Peacemaker is an intense, intimate portrait of a visionary" - Daphne Howland, Village Voice
Not Rated
Documentary, Politics & World Affairs
James Demo
Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Padraig O’Malley, the backroom world-trouble-spot negotiator who’s the title figure of James Demo’s documentary “The Peacemaker,” is a man engaged in a mission so arduous and noble that just hearing about it can put you in an earnest school daze. O’Malley travels around the globe, staging ...

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