Paper & Glue

I love movies about process, and this film is chock full of scenes showing how things get done.


Paper & Glue

An inside exploration into the work of legendary French artist JR, whose large-scale photographs have covered structures across the globe for almost two decades. Using his projects as a bridge to span our many cultural divides, the film explores art’s greater ability to challenge perspectives and unite communities. One of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in 2018, JR is a visual artist who exhibits freely in the streets of the world, pasting huge portraits of anonymous people in unexpected places. His work is about raising questions, seeking an encounter between the subject and the passer-by. JR is known for his 2017 Academy Award-nominated documentary Faces Places and 2015 short Ellis.

Paper & Glue, JR turns the camera on his own work as he builds some of his most monumental projects. From early illicit graffiti videos captured on Paris rooftops at night, to the US-Mexico border, to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, to a current collaboration at a California supermax prison, the film follows JR as he turns these communities inside out, turning images of residents into eye-catching and immersive art installations. Paper & Glue debuts on the heels of the Oscar-nominated Faces Places, which was directed by JR along with Agnès Varda.
Not Rated
Documentary, Art & Artists
English, French, Spanish

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