Orizuru 2015


Orizuru 2015


"Orizuru" means Origami Crane. It is said that when you have folded a thousand Origami Cranes, then your wish will come true. Sadako Sasaki, a once athletic young girl, set out to fold a thousand cranes in her hospital bed so that her wish to be cured of leukemia would be granted. Her hope was to become a track star. In a book by Eleanor Coerr we find that Sadako's illness was caused by radiation exposure from the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima when she was just a toddler. Her dream of running again was not to be but her legacy lives on. Her belief, to the very end, in the goodness of people continues to inspire those who work to create a peaceful world for all children. Seventy years after the end of World War II, Sadako and her thousand cranes remain a widely recognized symbol of peace and reconciliation. This short film tells the story of Sadako and how her example brought together two veterans from both sides of the Pacific and how they broke through cultural and historical barriers to find the courage to forgive. The origami cranes they each bring as gifts have come to be embraced not just by people in the United States and Japan, but the World over.

5/28,29,30 11: 30 am screening Adult $20 / Student $15 (K-12 grader)
*Ticket sale by Official Website
official Website: www.orizuru2015.com
(Special Guest Talk and Q&A session)
Mr Masahiro & Yuji (SasakiSadako's Family)
Mr Clifton Truman Daniel (Grandson of Truman President)
Main Cast and Crew etc.

Other screening times :
Adult $ 8 / Student ( $6) * With Coupon All age $6 at the box office window)

5/27,5/31,6/1,6/2 ( noon
5/28-30 (10: 30 am - )
Greeting by Guest / short Q&A session.
Short Live Action

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