Open Secret

The most shocking aspect of Berg's documentary is what it presents as the abusers' utter lack of accountability.


An Open Secret

Every year, thousands of children swarm Hollywood in search of fame but what they sometimes find under the surface is a deep and disturbing underbelly of manipulation and abuse. AN OPEN SECRET, directed by Oscar® nominated director Amy Berg (WEST OF MEMPHIS, DELIVER US FROM EVIL), is a sobering look at the lives of children who were exploited and assaulted by some of Hollywood's most powerful players.

AN OPEN SECRET follows the lives of five boys, now men, who came to Hollywood with dreams of becoming actors but instead fell into a dark world that changed their lives forever. Inspired by heartfelt confessions, the film unearths claims of sexual abuse that were never brought to justice. Known offenders see little retribution for their crimes and are repeatedly hired back into top positions in Hollywood. The fact that such predators have not been brought to trial is a systemic issue that continues to plague the entertainment industry; the business is not only complicit towards abuse of minors, but even sees it as a rite of passage into the prestigious club of celebrity.

AN OPEN SECRET finally reveals the courageous stories exposing the ugly truth Hollywood is determined to keep a secret.
Amy Berg
John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

A sober look at accusations that lend themselves to sensationalism, Amy Berg's An Open Secret looks at the sexual exploitation of teenage boys in the entertainment industry by the older men who can make or break their careers. Though its premiere comes at a time when some other long-ignored ...

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