Only Real Game

Bank's story of the women, men, and children so passionate about their game is itself wholly absorbing.


The Only Real Game

THE ONLY REAL GAME reveals the magic of baseball for people in a remote and troubled place.

The once princely state of Manipur, in volatile northeast India, defies gun violence, trafficking, and HIV/AIDS through a surprising passion for America’s national pastime. In an affecting leap of faith between cultures, two Major League Baseball Envoy coaches team up with Manipuri men, women and children to Play Ball.

With gifted women and girls among the best players, as well as leaders of peace and justice initiatives, this far away story brings us to the heart of the Great American Game - or as Babe Ruth called it, 'the only real game in the world.'
Not Rated
Documentary, Sport
English, Manipuri
Mirra Bank
Melissa Leo (narrator)
Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

If nothing else, “The Only Real Game,” a documentary about baseball in Manipur, in northeastern India, serves as an antidote to the Disney film “Million Dollar Arm,” which also involves baseball and India. Here, America’s game is played with armed troops looking on and with very little prospect of a ...

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