Omicron Killer


The Omicron Killer

It’s November 7th, 2020. New York is dealing with a vicious serial killer that has eluded law enforcement for months, and on this particular night, this serial killer's reign of terror is about to come to an end. He has let his guard down and walks into a trap that proves to be a fatal mistake. Detectives finally take him down. But the trouble is not over yet…

New York has an even deadlier problem. A copycat serial killer has emerged, and continues with the senseless murders. His killings are more brutal, so the media re-dubs him THE OMICRON KILLER. Are detectives hot on his trail? Or, is THE OMICRON KILLER right under their noses?
Not Rated
Slasher, Crime, Thriller
Jeff Knite
Jeff Knite
Bai Ling - NURSE NANCY, Felissa Rose - EDIE SCHAEFER, Lynn Lowry - CAPTAIN LOUISE CALLAHAN, Rob Emmer - DETECTIVE ROD, Paugh Shadow - THE OMICRON KILLER, Tony Diaz - THE COVID KILLER, Richard Bernstein - DR FRUEGER, Chris Guttadaro - GRAHAM JONES, Gabriel Ricardez - DETECTIVE DANNY SANCHEZ, Deborah Louise Ortiz - VERONICA SCHAEFER, Valentina Ricardez - LOLA, Amy Puchini - DETECTIVE RONDA BLAKE, Chris Lazzaro - CRAZY CHRIS
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