No Tomorrow


No Tomorrow

NO TOMORROW is a film that was written, directed, shot, edited and stars Ben Tedesco. The story begins with Ben attempting to prove that he has found himself stuck in a time-loop amidst the global pandemic. He begins by documenting the banality of this recurring day on his iPhone until one morning he steps into the kitchen and finds his dad, still living the same day, is in a different colored shirt and realizes his hypothesis isn’t asking the right question. With the unwitting help of his friend, Jeremy, Ben discovers that he is in fact shifting through the multiverse and sets out to discover if a return to his previous existence is possible before his alternate realities run out and existence as we know it comes to an end.

The film was shot entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic from a first-person point-of-view. It sees Ben traversing the emotional and scientific aspects of his evolving existence and as he moves further away from his original reality the more radical the changes to the world around him become. Fears, threats, emotional turmoil, loneliness, love, loss and personal resilience are just some of the strife Ben attempts to navigate while trying to figure out if a return to “normal” is even a possibility.

Ben’s journey, like so many others have found themselves in during the pandemic, feels endless and without true resolution. This is a film that will ask viewers to think beyond the world and understandings they know or feel comfortable with, through the lens that many of us have become far too familiar with.
Not Rated
Drama, Sci-Fi
Ben Tedesco
Ben Tedesco, Tara Jayn
Ben Tedesco
Ben Tedesco, Joseph H Tedesco, Jeremy Cohen

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