Night Cap

A sun-drenched masterpiece, part parlor game, part psychological case study, part droll social satire.


Night Cap

(Merci Pour le Chocolat)
Claude Chabrol's taut thriller stars Isabelle Huppert as the villainous spider at the centre of an intricate and murderous web of deception. Huppert plays Mika, wife of celebrated pianist Andre Polonski (Jacques Dutronc) and stepmother to his son, Guillaume, whose mother died in a car wreck on his sixth birthday. Their lives are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Jeanne (Anna Mouglalis), a young woman who has learned that she was almost switched at birth with Guillaume whilst in hospital. Also a pianist, Jeanne harbors a suspicion that she may be Andre's daughter. Andre undertakes to continue her piano tuition, but, on entering the Polonski family, Jeanne begins to notice the icily controlled Mika behaving strangely. Her suspicions aroused, Jeanne begins the dangerous task of unraveling Mika's dark past of secrets and lies...
Not Rated
Crime, Drama, Mystery, French Cinema
Claude Chabrol
Anna Mouglalis, Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc
Ella Taylor, L.A. Weekly

IN THE OPENING SEQUENCE OF CLAUDE Chabrol's sly, supple new film Merci Pour le Chocolat, Marie-Claire ("Mika") Muller (Isabelle Huppert), heiress to a wealthy Swiss chocolate-making fortune, meets and greets at a reception following her second marriage to André Polonski, a famous pianist. Around her ...

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