New Dawn - Teenagers


New Dawn - Teenagers

It's 1998. Lucas, a young adult, writes a song denouncing a terrorist group's violence against children. The terrorists condemn him to death and send 14-year-old Saïd to kill Lucas. But when Lucas and Saïd meet, they become friends. The problem is that if Saïd does not carry out his orders, he risks his own life and the lives of his family. This Lucas cannot accept.

Back to 1983. Lucas, then 12, has to keep company with 15-year-old Erwan, whose parents are away. Annoyed, the older boy treats Lucas horribly, forcing him to eat only bread and cheese and to live without clothes, “like a dog.” Trying to please Erwan, whom he feels is unhappy, Lucas endures the bullying. But one day Erwan goes too far and Lucas almost dies. Erwan has a change of heart, tries to redeem himself and becomes attached to Lucas. But at the end of Lucas’ stay, Erwan doesn’t want to take the risk to seeing him again, fearing to see him adopt the malice he's endured.

Present day. Alexis, age 15, undertakes to set three young delinquents on the right path, making use of the conceptions of Lucas, with the assistance of his aunt Mireille and of Pierre, a philosopher living as a hermit. Alexis succeeds in dissuading the best of they youths from committing suicide. But what these young people are unaware that Alexis, is terminally ill…

Director: Paul de Métairy

Robert Castel (Pierre) - Simone Langlois (Mireille) - Sandy (Lucas at 12, Alexis at 15) - Cyril Butaeye (Lucas young adult) - Vincent Lucadello (Saïd) - Sullivan Leray (Erwan) - Geoffrey Lascombe (Brieuc) - Yamin Gougmar (Naïm) - Jean-Samuel Duvivier (Kevin) - Aymeric Gaillard (Christ + the young boy).

Music: Lucas & Paul de Métairy
Not Rated
Drama, French Cinema
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