My Friend: Standing Strong


My Friend: Standing Strong

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My Friend: Standing Strong is an innovative journey through the lives of families and their dogs afflicted with canine bone cancer. The most common form of bone cancer is osteosarcoma (OSA), which accounts for approximately 5% of all canine tumors, and 80% of all dogs with OSA will die of their disease. But pet owners have options; not everything is a death sentence and not everything is a death sentence tomorrow.
My Friend: Standing Strong interweaves stories of life and hard fought decisions for a family’s best friend, along with information from highly respected veterinarians and oncologists.

These stories will inspire the dog owner, educate and give them hope. Better treatments for the disease are just around the corner, and there truly is a solution and an option for everyone.

Viewers will walk away knowing that there is always hope; that hope can give courage to move forward, hope can inspire us to never give up, and hope can help us make the hard decisions in life.
Stacey M Zipfel
Terry Simons, Stacey M Zipfel
Stacey M Zipfel, Terry Simons, Greg Byers
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