Movimientos: La Danza de la Punta al Tacon


Movimientos: La Danza de la Punta al Tacon

(from the Teatro Real, Madrid)

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A coproduction of the Teatro Real with Antonio Gades Foundation
Recorded October 2014 at Teatro Real, Madrid
Part One:
Danzar al Aire Español, 46 minutes | Part Two: Suite Flamenca, 68 minutes
Total Running Time: 114 minutes


Direction, Libretto and Costumes Hugo Pérez de la Pica
Artistic Director of the Antonio Gades Company Stella Ara
Choreographer and Dance Master Maite Chico
Lighting Dominique You

Dancers Compañía Antonio Gades Miguel Lara, Álvaro Madrid, Pepe Vento, Jairo Rodrígue, Mayte Chico, Ana del Rey, Esmeralda Manzanas
Actresses Luisa Serrano, Belén González
Pianist Mikhail Studyonov
Guitarrist Antonio Solera
Cantaores Juañares, Juañarito


Choreography and Lighting Antonio Gades
Soleá Choreography for Bulerías and Tanguillos Cristina Hoyos
Music Antonio Solera, Antonio Gades
Set design and costumes Francisco Nieva

Soloists Stella Arauzo and Miguel Lara

Movimientos - Danzar al aire español is a poetic and exciting journey through Spanish dance, evoking the style, fashion and essence of Spanish dance.
Inspired by the works of Antonio Gades, creator Hugo Perez de la Pica has conceived a show that celebrates the richness and variety of Spanish dance, with the collaboration of lighting designer Dominique You, choreographer Mayte Chico, and Artistic Director of the Antonio Gades Company Stella Arauzo.

Music has been adapted for piano and harpsichord by Mikhail Studyonov, who is joined on stage by guitarist Antonio Solera. The production is led by dancers Mayte Chico, Miguel Lara, Álvaro Madrid, Esmeralda Manzanas, Ana del Rey, Jairo Rodríguez Luisa Serrano y Pepe Vento.

The dances with which Antonio Gades began his solo career in about 1963 were gradually shaped into the numbers that would become the Suite Flamenca five years later, eight pieces of traditional flamenco dance presented from Gades’ own angle. This Suite was performed by his company, including, among others, Cristina Hoyos, his dance partner for more than twenty years, who in turn had replaced Curra Jiménez, Antonio’s partner in the early years.

This Suite was performed by his company as the second part of a “Spanish Suite” in which they dance the Jota, the Vito, the death of Don Juan, the Zapateado de Sarasate, and other numbers that the Foundation intends to “reconstruct” and stage in the coming years.

The Suite Flamenca is a series of numbers that offer a surprising take on the aesthetics of flamenco dance, with solos, duets and group dances, all the sides of flamenco dance as seen from Antonio Gades’ own perspective. It is an excellent chance to see a way of dancing flamenco that is no longer used, which was described in his day as avant-garde and considered a classic.


Just months before he passed away, Antonio Gades created a Foundation in charge of looking after his artistic heritage and helping to disseminate his work, promoting a greater knowledge of Spanish dance all over the world. Back on the stage at the request of this Foundation, the Antonio Gades Company is now solely responsible for staging the ballets of the choreographer from Alicante, keeping the original spirit and guidelines his works were devised with intact.

Under the artistic direction of Stella Arauzo (who danced with Gades for many years, taking over from Cristina Hoyos in the performance of Carmen), and technical direction of Dominique You (so many years the illuminator and right arm of the Maestro), the new formation has several members from the old company who, together with new faces, ensure the transmission of the lines which characterize the work of Gades, expressing the most profound human concerns, within a aesthetically refined language rooted in the traditions and culture of the Spanish people.

Gades’s work has not only been endorsed by the large number of spectators who have gone to the shows, but also by several awards, including the Giraldillo de Oro of the Flamenco Biennial from Seville, the Demófilo award from the Fundación Machado and the award of the Teatro Rojas in Toledo, an award which fills the company with special pride since it was awarded by the public.
Not Rated
Culture Vulture, Dance
Antonio Gades Company
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