Queer Lion
Venice Film Festival
Venice Horizons Award ~ Best Film
Venice Film Festival
Both a shiver-delicate exploration of unspoken desire and a scarringly brilliant anatomy of white South African masculinity.



The year is 1981 and South Africa’s white minority government is embroiled in a conflict on the southern Angolan border. Like all white boys over the age of 16, Nicholas Van der Swart must complete two years of compulsory military service to defend the apartheid regime. The threat of communism and “die swart gevaar” (the so-called black danger) is at an all-time high. But that’s not the only danger Nicholas faces. He must survive the brutality of the army – something that becomes even more difficult when a connection is sparked between him and a fellow recruit.

Moffie, the piercing, perfectly formed new film from Oliver Hermanus is… Hermanus’ masterpiece in the true sense of the term: the film that consolidates all the promise and preoccupations of his previous work into one quite stunning feat of formal and narrative artistry, establishing him quite plainly as South Africa’s most vital contemporary filmmaker.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH UK: "It does such a thought-through, empathetic, and powerful job of exploring homophobia as part of a root-and-branch mentality in South Africa's white patriarchal psyche."

VULTURE HOUND: "There's a quiet power to
Moffie that makes it an interesting and worthwhile slice of drama."

TIMES UK: "Hermanus digs deep into the South African psyche and teases out the contradictions within white society itself, especially the fracture between South Africans of English origin and Afrikaners."
Not Rated
Drama, Romance, War, LGBTQ
Oliver Hermanus
Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers, Matthew Vey, Stefan Vermaak, Hilton Pelser
Nominee, Queer Lion, Venice Film Festival
Nominee, Venice Horizons Award ~ Best Film, Venice Film Festival

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