Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma


Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma

The Civil Rights Baton is passed to a new generation.

The murder of George Floyd changed the world. As protests erupted around the world, one group traveled to Minnesota to stand in solidarity with the families of those impacted by police violence. They reached out to politicians and invited them to grieve with the community. For several days nobody came but what these men would accomplish was a surprise even to them.

That last day, candidates and sitting politicians appeared to stand in solidarity with the people. The demands that these men had been making of all the politicians they contacted were being heard and heeded.

But like all movements, there were those standing by to hi-jack their peaceful protest with the stigma of violence. These agitators were stopped from turning the protest violent. Surrounded by police, in a very dangerous situation, there was a narrow path to victory and achievement. These men were able to navigate treacherous waters. But one of them was arrested trying to stop a protester from attacking a police officer.
Not Rated
Documentary, Activism, African-American Experience
Michael Douglas
Omar Bradley
Michael Douglas
Joe Collins, Robert Foster, Pierre Akinroluyo, George Floyd, Justin Teigen, Brian Quiñones, Richard Risher, Colby Friday, Philip Quinn, Isak Aiden, Philando Castille, Jamar Clark, Dionne Smith-Downs, Toshira Garraway, Ashley Quiñones, Lisa Simpson, Denise Friday, Paulette Quinn, Badrudin Aiden, Tiffany Burns, Ann Burt, John Thompson, Nelson Inz, Steven Jackson, Mohamud Noor, Rodney Robinson
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