Meaning of Hitler

A jagged intellectual wake up.


The Meaning of Hitler

The Meaning of Hitler is a provocative interrogation of our culture's fascination with Hitler and Nazism set against the backdrop of the current rise of white supremacy, the normalization of anti-Semitism and the weaponization of history itself. Shot in nine countries, the film traces Hitler's movements, his rise to power and the scenes of his crimes as historians and writers weigh in on the lasting impact of his virulent ideology.

"We go into
The Meaning of Hitler craving that millimeter of insight, of intrigue and revelation. And the film provides it. It ruminates on Hitler and the Third Reich in ways that churn up your platitudes." - VARIETY

"An avant-garde reckoning." - THE DAILY BEAST

"Elegant and incisive." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
Not Rated
Documentary, History, Fascism
English, German
Petra Epperlein
Michael Tucker
Owen Gleiberman, Variety

When a documentary is called “The Meaning of Hitler,” there are two things you know off the bat. One is that the film probably won’t live up to that title — and doesn’t have to, because how could it? The other thing you know is that it’s trying for something audacious, placing itself on the high bar ...

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