Marijuana Conspiracy

Striking and evocative.


The Marijuana Conspiracy

Based on a true story, this entertaining and informative film takes place in 1972. It’s about an outlandish study on the effects of marijuana on young women. This film centers around five young women who shared a common goal: to make some money and have a fresh start in life.

It began as fun, like hippie camp, and many of the young women thrived at their given tasks despite their “toke times." The scientists, frustrated and surprised with the women’s motivation, decided to give them ever-increasing THC levels. This didn’t stop most of the women’s productivity until many become zombified by the excessive doses. The girls used their unique strengths, resilience and friendships in order to overcome this extreme adversity. To this day, the women still do not know the results. They deserve their story to be told, and they deserve answers.
Not Rated
Drama, Comedy
Craig Pryce
Tymika Tafari, Julia Sarah Stone, Morgan Kohan
Dylan Andresen, Film Threat

The Marijuana Conspiracy, directed by Craig Pryce and based on the true story of how Canada experimented with the effects of cannabis upon women during the 1970s. The goal of the experiment is to prove the supposed harmful effects of marijuana. The story is presented through the perspectives and ...

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