Lynch: A History

An incredible piece of storytelling, forgoing all the tedium of documentary norms. Hilarious and devastating.


Lynch: A History

Lynch: A History deploys a trove of media footage to explore the legacy of nonconformist NFL star and Oakland Raiders running-back Marshawn Lynch. Culled from nearly a thousand video clips, placed in rapid dramatic juxtaposition, the film becomes a powerful political parable about our media system and its ties to the racial oppressions of our time. Executive produced by Danny Glover (Sorry to Bother You, Hale County This Morning, This Evening, Lethal Weapon).

Directed by New York Times best-selling author David Shields (
Salinger, Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season).

“I couldn’t turn it off—smart, alive, brilliantly arranged, utterly fascinating.” —Guy Maddin, Emmy Award-winning director of The Heart of the World

“Finally, the uniqueness of Marshawn Lynch is revealed: he is his own man, his own voice, a complete individual unbeholden to the corporate PR needs of the league. Lynch is an original; so is the movie, which I loved.”—Ron Shelton, director of White Men Can’t Jump

“A complex, graceful, brilliant, and powerful film that lays bare the way American culture confines the black athlete.”—Fred Moody, author of Fighting Chance: A Season with the Seattle Seahawks

"An absolutely great film, which splits America to the core and which I’ll be thinking about for a long time.”—Shann Ray, author of American Masculine

"A call to arms and a rebuttal to all that’s wrong in the world. Thrilling, brilliant, and necessary.”—Russell Harper, author of Cut

“Lynch: A History opened my eyes to a way of seeing Marshawn Lynch in a wider context. This film is different and real—just like Marshawn, who is as genuine as they come.”—Kenny Mayne, co-host, “Sports Center”/ESPN
Documentary, Sport, African-American Experience
David Shields

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