Love Hunter

In its feel for nocturnal light, this is one of the most refreshing New York independent features since Ramin Bahrani's ‘Man Push Cart.’


Love Hunter

In the 1990’s, singer-songwriter Milan Mumin, the lead singer of the hugely influential Serbian rock band Love Hunters, electrified and gave voice to a generation of Serbians fighting an oppressive regime. Now, after ten years, we find Milan in New York City, driving a taxi (long shifts and loopy fares), cobbling together funds for a recording session of his dream album—to be recorded and released in America. When his bass guitar player suddenly quits, he finds a talented but prickly replacement, and a romantic spark, in a free-spirited guitarist named Kim. Just as rehearsals start picking up steam, Milan's longtime Serbian girlfriend Lela arrives with very different plans for their future—she wants him to come home to Serbia where his reputation will let him be anything he wants—but Milan is determined to make his recording in America, at any cost.
Not Rated
Drama, Music
English, Serbian
Branislav 'Brane' Bala
Nemanja Bala
Milan Mumin, Jelena Stupljanin, Eleanor Hutchins
Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

Reminiscent of Once in its portrait of a talented musician eking out a hardscrabble existence, Love Hunter intriguingly blends true-life and fictional elements in its depiction of Milan Mumin, a celebrated rocker in his native Serbia. Written and directed by siblings Nemanja Bala and Brane Bala ...

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