Lost Paradise


The Lost Paradise

These archives are all what remains of a happy time when we could still take care of children.

Since the Dutroux affair in Belgium, it is now impossible, and even forbidden…

All my life, cats, dogs, came to me so that I take care of them and love them.

And also tens of children came naturally to me wherever I lived, in houses or boats.

I fortunately thought of photographing them or filming them, but not all of them, far from it.

The meetings lasted from one single day to sometimes more than 10 years!

These images of complicity with these endearing children would obviously be unthinkable today ... This magical era is definitely over ...

Fortunately, there remains us the cats ... until one day it would be forbidden to love them, too!

Moms cats bring me their babies ... and leave them!

But one day I will meet again the little Leon, Michel, Didier, Nadine, Alex, the dogs Mirabelle and Rocky, and all my adorable cats ... In a Next World, where they patiently are waiting for me, and where to love them will no longer be considered a crime against humanity ...

A rare documentary for all the nostalgic people of that time, and for those too young to have known it.

Paul de Métairy
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