Long Good Friday

Best Foreign Language Film
Los Angeles Film Critics Association

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The Long Good Friday

Double Feature with MONA LISA (9:30 PM)
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The Long Good Friday is a British gangster movie starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren in what became breakthrough film roles for them both. The storyline weaves together events and concerns of the late 1970s, including mid-level political and police corruption, IRA fund-raising, displacement of traditional British industry by unscrupulous property developers, UK membership of what became the European Union and the free-market economy. The film had been shot in 1979 but ran foul of political cowardice of the time in entertainment companies. The corporate owner of the company that produced the film, longtime UK showbiz mogul Lew Grade, objected to what he saw as the glorification of the IRA. The film languished on the shelves until George Harrison snapped it up to be released by his nascent HandMade Films. It launched Hoskins and Mirren into the big time.  The film also gave Pierce Brosnan his first screen time in the much-coveted role of "First Irishman."

Format: DVD
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Nominee, Best Foreign Language Film, Los Angeles Film Critics Association
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