Lady Buds

Deftly weave[s] individual sagas and bigger-picture themes into a cohesive narrative whole...informative and involving.


Lady Buds

LADY BUDS tells the story of six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to enter the newly legal market. With deep-pocketed corporations taking over the industry, these trailblazers risk everything to make their American Dream come true in the very market they helped create.

Filmmaker and Cast Q&As: Friday 12/3 at 7pm, Sat & Sun 12/4-5 at 4:20pm! Weekend Screenings will have audience giveaways! Sponsored by Kikoko and LEVEL!

"A broad and insightful overview of the subject [and] packed to the gills with high-strength weed." ~ Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

One of VOGUE Magazines "8 Things to Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend!"

At turns heartbreaking, frustrating, and inspiring, Lady Buds is consistently a compelling and eye-opening look at the frontlines of a complex situation — one that many have no idea is even occurring when they’re making buying decisions at their dispensary. — Rachel Shatto, The Advocate
Not Rated
Documentary, Women and Film
Chris J Russo
Dennis Harvey, Variety

The six principal subjects here are all women who bring considerable experience to the “new gold rush,” but nonetheless worry they might get pushed out of it in the long run. Chiah Rodriques is a second-generation pot farmer who grew up on a hippie commune. Known as The Bud Sisters, Pearl Moon and ...

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